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  • On Balance


    I’m completely awful. This time it’s my turn to apologize for a long delay. That makes it even more interesting to me that your last post was on balance. This last month, I lost it. Completely.

    Also, I found that the longer I waited to post, the better I felt the post would have to be to be worthy of posting. That spun me up into a loop of not feeling like I had good enough content, and consequently filling my time with other things in a perpetual cycle of postponement and delay. To that end, here’s a completely scattered and conclusion-less brain-dump.

    As you know, I’ve spent the last month recovering from a surprise appendectomy. When isn’t it a surprise? The surgery went very well, the recovery went very well and quickly, and all is fine now. The recovery took a lot of my spare mental energy, however. I didn’t knit. I didn’t blog. I got lazy about food and have gained a couple of pounds as a result. Then, the laziness became a habit, and the habit got easy.

    Well, enough is enough. I’m sick of loosening pants tightening again. I’m sick of dinner happening by chance rather than plan. I’m sick of not being proud of my habits. It stops now.

    This doesn’t mean I’m going into an orthorexic fit of pure eating, just a return to solid habits. A step away from gluten-free pizza every week, away from a glass of wine every day, away from a weekly ice-cream treat, away from lazy snacks at work.

    I’ve restarted my kombucha practice (post forthcoming!) and I’m making ghee again (should I post?). We’ve got this year’s pig pending delivery from our farmer. I’ve improved my bacon recipe, and I’m starting to feed my baby real foods.

    Crabapples!  Nothing to do with the post, but really pretty.
    Crabapples! Nothing to do with the post, but really pretty.

    There’s lots going on, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

    So with this, I recommit.

    Much love and missing you terribly,