A Paleo Conversation : From CST to PST, a bi-regional take on living paleo.
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    Is this thing on?

    Dearest E-Bet,

    They say that life is what happens when you’re making other plans.  I think they’re right.  Voila “other plans”.

    Since we last blogged back and forth Jeffrey has started walking, and just a bit of talking.  John’s achieved that peculiar age when teeth falling out is to be celebrated, and he’s learned to ride a bike.  We are all well and hale and hearty.  Busy enough, but not too busy.  It’s a nice balance.

    I’ve got kombucha burping away on the countertop and a failure in planning resulted in a hasty meal tonight of scrambled eggs.  We’ll do better tomorrow.

    We’ve had adventures though!  I tried a new old thing called kava and loved it, but gave it up again.  Perhaps again one day. There’s a fun story in that that I’ll delight in telling you soon. We’re eating paleo, but relaxedly. I’ve been reading, and thinking, and learning and I’ve got ideas I want to run by you.  I want to hear how you’re doing and how your own wee ones are growing.

    I’ve missed you, so let’s please consider this one step back to our strange PST/CST friendship.

    All the best,


    PS. The giant photo of the top is of Krusteez gluten-free cornbread for our cornbread sausage stuffing on Thanksgiving.  All agreed it was a hit! Will post recipe later. The Krusteez was very good, but quite sweet, and though it wasn’t paleo, didn’t result in rumbly tumblies.