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  • An Oxtail of Two Cities

    Jo-Jo…Were we crazy to think that we could keep up this bi-coastal blogging…having both had new babies last year…and going back to working more than full-time? Not to mention that our family moved to California, lived in a rental house, then a hotel-motel, and now a more permanent domicile… Crazy, not really.  Ambitious…a little. Perhaps we needed to take too much on our plates before we figured out what to put back and what to eat?

    Well, it’s 2016 and I’m reinvigorated to do a little scribbling, a little gardening, a little cooking and a whole bunch of FERMENTING! More on that later.

    Here’s what was on the docket for the first weekend of the year.


    A big batch of bone broth made with beef knuckles and oxtail.  It’s funny.  Oxtail soup sounds so Bon Appetit, so Saveur. The reality is that it is very common soup made in Indonesia (sop buntut), China, and in the UK. And it’s made with the leftover parts of the cow, literally the tails. And we’re not using the tail of an exotic species…oxtail is just cow tail. Legit snout to tail cuisine.

    Here’s the recipe in bulletpoints:

    -In a crockpot, add:

    -Roughly chopped up yellow onions, carrots, and celery.

    -Two bay leaves.

    -A couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Helps with the demineralization of the bones.

    -About 3-4 lbs. of bones. Beef knuckles, oxtail, chicken bones/feet, ham bones.  Whatever you want and whatever you have.

    -Water to cover the contents. Salt and pepper.

    Now, slow cook it on low for 12-24 hours. You choose how long you want to cook it. Taste it after awhile and decide when it’s ready.

    A few considerations…

    -Make sure to check your water level. I woke up this morning and there had been a fair amount of evaporation. I added another 4 cups of water.

    -Turn the crockpot down to keep warm instead of low after 8 hours or so. It will still be bubbling and will evaporate less quickly.


    I’m waiting for it to cool down. Then I’ll put it into Mason jars. The plan is to freeze some and keep some in the refrigerator. The second part of the plan is to start drinking it on a regular basis. I think I could use a good dose of iron and collagen as a daily supplement.

    Maybe a piping hot cup in the morning…perfect for dunking a Paleo doughnut?


    Yours truly,


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