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  • Is this thing on? Dearest E-Bet, They say that life is what happens when you’re making other plans.  I think they’re right.  Voila “other plans”. Since we last blogged back and forth Jeffrey has started walking, and just a bit of talking.  John’s achieved that peculiar age when teeth falling out is to be celebrated, […]

    *tap* *tap* *tap*

  • Dearest E! Go, Grandma, Go!  100??  WOW.  Let’s plan on having an epic cocktail party when we reach that eminent age.  What a great way to celebrate!  Looks like you made some wonderful connections, and fabulous food too. What did you use to wrap those enchiladas?  I myself do indulge in the occasional corn tortilla, […]

    Viva La Kiva

  • Mojo Jo-Jo- I’ve been slow to get a new post up as we have just returned from a trip to Northern California to visit family. My grandmother turned 100 years old this year and we feted her with a high-end cocktail party. Thank goodness for a convenient Whole Foods in Sacramento, as you know the […]

    All in the Paleo Family

  • E-Ra! As you well know, feeding a house full of men is a costly proposition.  Especially when you try and focus on high quality, primarily paleo foods.  We buy in bulk, prioritize well, do our best, and we still spend a lot on food.  One of the best things we started doing was shopping at […]

    Ghee Willikers

  • J- I’m excited for Baby SCOBY to arrive to Redlands, so thanks for the Resurrection post. I’ve been rereading Sandor Katz’s The Art of Fermentation for all kinds of ideas about foods to ferment and ways to incorporate probiotics into my daily diet. I think I recall telling you how I once sent him fan […]

    The Spice of Life

  • Dearest E, Perhaps we are a bit delusional, but perhaps it is just the persistence of hope.  I’m forever making lofty goals, and then watching them recede backwards to the horizon as others come looming up.  I suppose I don’t mind terribly as long as I understand why things are slipping.  I’m not okay with […]


  • Jo-Jo…Were we crazy to think that we could keep up this bi-coastal blogging…having both had new babies last year…and going back to working more than full-time? Not to mention that our family moved to California, lived in a rental house, then a hotel-motel, and now a more permanent domicile… Crazy, not really.  Ambitious…a little. Perhaps […]

    An Oxtail of Two Cities

  • Elizabeth! I’m completely awful. This time it’s my turn to apologize for a long delay. That makes it even more interesting to me that your last post was on balance. This last month, I lost it. Completely. Also, I found that the longer I waited to post, the better I felt the post would have […]

    On Balance

  • Jo-Jo, sorry that is has taken me so long to respond to your most recent post. I can just imagine making that drive from Stillwater to Minneapolis.  For the most part, I enjoyed those miles driving into work as it was the only quiet time I had for reflection. I never listened to books on […]


  • Elizabeth! It seems like I blinked and two weeks shot by.  Fall is well and truly on the horizon, trees are starting to turn orange at the corners and the morning is characterized by a parade of yellow school buses.  The sugar maple that I still think of as *your* sugar maple is positively glowing […]

    On The Joys of Commuting