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    Brownies on the beach? Glasses of wine?  What hedonistic pleasures!!  Thoughts of lounging on the beach all day are delightful, but somehow I think our little beach down on the St Croix doesn’t quite compare to the Pacific Ocean.  I’d love to live by the sea again.  In the meantime I’ll have to make do by coming out to visit you.  To do research on paleo beach cuisine of course.  Business trip, you see.  Tax write-off 😉

    Hmmm… not so sure about butter-wine.  Sounds like it would be better poured on a steak than drunk with it.  More testing needed!  I myself haven’t been Bulletproofing my coffee lately, but that’s entirely due to being lazy about the extra dish I’d have to wash.  However, when I return to work in two weeks, it might be worth the (very minor) bother.

    We’re having a warm day today, might hit 93 degrees (cue laughter from California).  It’s a bit humid but not too bad.  Once I’ve finished this I’m going to go sit outside with a coffee and enjoy roasting for a bit.

    Time for a cuppa.
    Time for a cuppa.

    In other news, I did it.  I’ve signed up to become a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.

    So why am I doing this?  I know we’ve talked about this, but I’m still not quite sure why.  It honestly could be the end-of-summer start-of-school itchy feet urging me to seek fresh beginnings through study.  I’m not sure, but here are a few thoughts driving me:

    1. I’m interested.  I read a lot of books, articles, and posts about the various flavors of evolutionary nutrition and I continue to find it endlessly fascinating.  I am interested when theories and hypotheses agree with each other, and when they disagree, and how they are changing as the movement matures.  I’m interested in the motivations and goals of the leaders and the adherants in various disciplines.  It’s all fascinating! I’m even interested in our critics, though I’m dismayed by how many are ill-informed.
    2. I’ve a soft spot in my heart for the Primal Blueprint.  The web site and book were my first resources when I started down this tangled path nearly four years ago.  At that time I was struggling with many bodily frustrations and I’d realized, with a shock of horror and bad timing (having just moved with my husband, 18-month old, and two dogs back in with my parents to facilitate selling our house) that I really should try giving up gluten.  My poor mum trying to feed us all!  Primal Blueprint gave me hope, inspiration, and explanations.  It also gave me direction and a plan.  Things haven’t been the same since.
    3. This will help make me a better advocate.  I will at least feel better informed, and be perceived as a more credible source.
    4. The price is right.  Though it is by no means cheap, it’s not ridiculously expensive either.  This is something the budget can bear.  It isn’t so expensive that I feel that I need to make a monetary return on my investment, it’s ok if this is just for me.
    5. It’s encouraging me to return to my foundational works.  I’ve read nutrition books as a hobby for quite a few years, and I’m seeing the value now in re-reading them.  Lucky you! I’ll probably tell you all about them!  I’m not just a crashing bore at parties, I can be one here too!

    Care to join me?

    Much Love,

    Jo and the Boys


I've been paleo since I discovered four years ago that it could help me manage my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis among other things. The more I learn the more I want to learn and the less I feel that there is any one solution out there that will work for all of us. I try to advocate for paleo and lessons from paleo without being a crashing bore at parties, with perhaps only moderate success. I was born and raised in England, then Oklahoma, then Minnesota. I'm married to one of the world's most patient men, and I've got two pretty nifty sons and a dog. I've a background in science, design, and communications.


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