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  • Coconut-proof coffee and BulletWine

    Oh, Mojo Jo-Jo…my heart goes out to you regarding Dirkie boy.  He was such a sweet pup. As you know, our Casper went to the doghouse in the sky a few months earlier after battling a rare autoimmune disease. At least Dirk never chewed in half a raw silk curtain from the den, grabbed one of our chickens by the gullet, shook her like Raggedy Ann, and then emerged from the woods in the middle of winter with a completely detached hindquarter of a frozen deer in his jaws. Caspie was a happy dog, but comically mischievous. Dirkie boy sat in the front of class, while Casper smoked cigarettes with the kids in Metallica shirts in the bathroom.



    About 88 miles from Redlands, Redondo Beach is this gem of a stretch of sand along the Pacific. My cousin and her husband happen to live about a mile from said sandbox and they are lucky little devils, aren’t they? We spent the entire last Saturday there, parked underneath our new Sport-brella XL and covered with SPF 50.

    So, what to eat at the beach?

    First of all, remember Coleridge’s famed poem…and the Iron Maiden song, too…

    Water, water, every where

    And all the boards did shrink;

    Water, water every where

    Nor any drop to drink

    We brought several gallons of water and easily consumed it all by mid-afternoon. Earlier in the morning, we grilled some organic apple-chicken brats and wrapped them in foil. I cut up a bunch of carrots, plums, and peaches and put some pickles and summer sausage slices in a container. Add a bag of raw almonds, and Voila! Paleo beach picnic!

    I had been sticking to my Whole 30-esque diet for several months until my cousin surprised us on the sand with some dairy-free, grain-free brownies…I didn’t want to disappoint her.

    A bona fide food freak, my cousin loves a cup of good coffee and a nice French pastry. In fact, she is making a trip to Paris and Lyon next month. I asked her whether she had heard of Bulletproof coffee. She and her husband both had looks of absolute horror when I told her about whipping up a coffee and grass-fed butter smoothie. I gave her the rundown of the benefits of a combined caffeine and fat meal after a night of fasting.  Improved concentration, a feeling of satiety, energy that lasts for many hours.  I, myself, use decaf (because I don’t want to have a tremor in the operating room) and coconut milk (because of the eosinophilic esophagitis that plagues me). I’ve been sticking to this early morning regimen for many months and don’t intend on breaking it any time soon.

    We wrapped up the evening on their balcony eating a savory green curry and a shrimp and broccoli dish.  Passionate enophiles (not to be confused with eosinophiles), they poured us a few glasses of respectable wines…and, once again, I hated to disappoint. After a few years of no alcohol, I guess I forgot how nice and relaxing a good glass of wine could be.

    And then, we hypothesized that the feeling could be augmented by a nice wedge of grass-fed butter….BulletWine. Strangely, not a grimace on a single face.



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