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  • Earth to Stillwater….we’ve landed!


    I am so proud of your bacon escapades.  Next, you will have to learn how to weave a bacon basket or a poncho as I have seen on Pinterest…or maybe that was just a dream I had.

    bacon basket

    Life in Redlands has been a little whack-a-doodle…scattered and crazy…but starting to settle down as we have now been here for a full week.

    Here is the good news!  Ryan found a killa-from-Manila Crossfit gym to work out at.  Plus, he was just asked to coach there as well. He’s super-psyched to join the crowd at CDR because they have some BEASTS working out there.  We’re talking Where the Wild Things Are type creatures…

    Owner/coach Calvin (or as I like to call him Rex Kwon Do) is a CF maniac.  In one session, he taught me how to squat a hundred times better that I ever have, even with my FAI (femoral acetabular impingement).

    Another piece of good news…I was a little worried when I could not find a co-op or a Whole Foods in the area.  I mean, where are you going to find a good bulk food aisle, anything from the grass-fed kingdom, and, especially, my universal elixir (kombucha- until I get my SCOBY properly fed and fermenting)?? Enter the unicorn…Clark’s Nutrition!  Best health food store ever!

    Here is a list of 5 interesting facts that I learned this week and hope to expound upon over the weeks to come:

    1. Trader Joe’s is a good place to buy ghee…$3.99.  Not grass-fed, but good in a pinch.

    2. Pugs are resilient flyers.  Zoey had a one-stop flight from MN to CA and you’d never know that she hadn’t just been trapped in the gazebo for a few hours.  Spry and enthusiastic when she was met at the baggage claim.

    3. A SCOBY and kefir grains can be brought through security at the airport without a TSA agent mistaking it for meth ingredients or a dead jellyfish.

    4. Electric cars are everywhere. I parked in a lot next to three other Nissan Leafs…or shall I say Nissan Leaves.  The foliage is thick.

    5. You thought you knew nice when you moved to Minnesota.  California Nice exists too.

    Ciao for now.


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