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  • Oh, yes, it’s Market Night and the feeling’s right…


    Okay, so maybe Kool and the Gang weren’t on the main stage there last week, but Thursday Market Night in downtown Redlands is a happening spot.  Imagine a 5-block stretch of 100 booths hocking everything from gluten free, Paleo approved nut butters to organic, locally grown produce, to BBQ ribs and chicken.  You can catch a performance from the local Redlands Area jazz band or a flute quartet. TMN has been in existence since 1988 and brings in thousands of visitors during the year.  IMG_1960  Peppers, beans, zukes. You name it, it’s there.

    We’ve been really interested in finding locally grown, grass fed meats and we happened upon a booth staffed by a pair of friendly gals who told us about their ranch out of Lake Elsinore, CA. Da-Le Ranch calls itself a “sustainable and renewable project-in-progress,” but they already offer a wide array of meats from pastured chicken to lamb to pheasant. We’ve been checking out their website and considering ordering, if the prices seem appropriate. They’ll deliver the following week, so it seems fairly convenient.

    IMG_1958                                                                  The friendly gals of Da-Le Ranch


            The grass-fed, free range, humanely treated, hormone/steroid/soy/GMO-free happy animal list

    We decided that we’d eat dinner out on Thursday night, to give Ryan a break from the kitchen. As much as he loves cooking every night, it’s great to have a night off.  He had a half rack of BBQ ribs and I had a carne asada skewer.


    Here’s the plate


    Here’s the chef

    Henry said he wasn’t hungry, but I’m guessing that he was too excited to jump in the jumper and ride the big inflatable slide.


    After a few sessions of jumping and sliding, he was famished.  Not completely on the Paleo plan, he had a big piece of cheese pizza. We wandered up and down Orange Street, admiring the succulent arrangements in one booth and listening to Spanish guitar being played by a busker on the corner.



    Check out this water-conscious succulent bowl. Love, love, love it.

                                IMG_1963                          IMG_1962

                                      Honey with the comb                           Fluffy, fresh bee pollen from Temecula Valley


    I had a nice discussion with the Redlands Area Democratic Club members. They invited us to their Thursday morning coffee hour and discussion. I guess I’d make an appearance if Thursday wasn’t my big clinic day. 


    I had a pressing question finally answered by some clairvoyants.

    So, if you and the boys make it out for a visit, we’ll be sure to hit up TMN. You’ll leave with your belly full, a bag of locally grown produce, a terra-cotta planter full of succulents, and answers to some of life’s most mysterious questions.

    P.S.  I’m drinking a grapefruit La Croix and wishing I had a SodaStream! The fizzier the better…we’re pretty low class here, so we welcome eructation…

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