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    WOW.  You have a nice desert garden there!  Cereusly.  I adore xeriscaping, and I actually think that we need more of it here as well as over in your neck of the woods even though you’re the one in the middle of a famous drought right now.  This is where my day job is creeping in here a bit.  Minnesota is seen as water-rich.  It rains plenty (it’s raining right now!), the rain stays on the landscape in short- and long-term storage, and flows off in a more-or-less orderly manner.  And we’re still using too much of it and running out (case and point – draining White Bear Lake).  My professional opinion is that the domestic lawn is the number one crop in America, and is a massive waste of resources.  I think we’d do better to have smaller lawns – keep them exquisite and jewel-like if needed, and surround them with wilder, richer xeriscaping and permaculture. If I return to Landscape Architecture, it will probably be my battle-cry.  It’s a battle I fight in my own home and my long-term plans for this place include reducing our turf footprint and watering needs.  Hopefully I can get the community association president to okay the plans.  Luckily, I’m married to him 😉

    In the meantime, I’m looking forwards to hearing about the foods you’re harvesting from your own little bit of paradise.  Pomegranates, avocados, grapefruits and persimmons?  Mmmm! I’m very very curious about the Cereus… how exotic!

    In the spirit of productive landscapes, here are two snaps of John from his recent time at the Children’s Farm.

    Handing me a bean, in the bean tunnel.
    Handing me a bean, in the bean tunnel.
    Up, up and away!
    Up, up and away!

    Thanks for the nudge about Gary Nabhan.  He’s now officially on the reading list, and at the rate I’m going and the length of the list, I should be able to get to it by about next summer.  😉

    All this talk of water has reminded me to tell you about my favorite new gadget.

    We got a SodaStream and it’s my new favorite thing.  My very own fizzy water!  If I use our wellwater, it’s mineral water too with a distinctive iron-tang to it.  Ours is the Source model and can fizz to three different levels from “why bother” all the way up “crazy fizzy” that makes you burp.  Well, it makes me burp, and I’m sufficiently classless to thoroughly enjoy it. I tone down the fizziness when company’s coming over.

    They’ve got some nice fizzy water flavors too, but they’re crazy expensive and hard to get so I can’t recommend them.  I just toss in a bit of lemon juice or some orange extract from the cupboard from time to time.  Roman likes his the same way that Alton Brown does, with bitters in.

    I like it so much, I’m considering getting one for work, though I’ll have to get a handle on the whole belching-like-a-sailor situation.

    Miss you!



I've been paleo since I discovered four years ago that it could help me manage my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis among other things. The more I learn the more I want to learn and the less I feel that there is any one solution out there that will work for all of us. I try to advocate for paleo and lessons from paleo without being a crashing bore at parties, with perhaps only moderate success. I was born and raised in England, then Oklahoma, then Minnesota. I'm married to one of the world's most patient men, and I've got two pretty nifty sons and a dog. I've a background in science, design, and communications.


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