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  • Bacon and Auspicious Beginnings

    Dear Elizabeth,

    We are still neighbors for three more days!  The move, looming for so very long, is now upon us and you’re about to embark on a brand new adventure.  You and your family will be sorely missed, but I shall comfort myself with bacon. Is there any better way?

    Homemade bacon!

    [NOTE: There is no photo of cooked bacon. It tends to evaporate too quickly.]

    It was surprisingly easy to make, and in fact, I hesitate to explain here what I did.  It will seem so much less impressive.

    This started when we embarked upon a Whole30 on July 12th, my fifth and Roman’s first.  We both sorely regretted the lack of bacon, but couldn’t quite stand to spend the money necessary for the Paleo sugar-free, heritage-breed, organic, pasture-fed bacons.  At the rate we eat the stuff, I’d have to take an extra job just to afford it.

    I followed the instructions over at PaleoLeap for Homemade Bacon.  Almost.

    I substituted Herbes de Provence for thyme due to deficiencies in household provisioning.  I omitted the honey, since the whole point of this endeavor was to get sugar-free bacon.  Also, I have concerns about the salt I used – I only had giant sea salt crystals to work with, and I’m not sure that the measurements worked out correctly.  Still, it worked.  I baconed.

    It ended up a bit too salty, but not viciously so.  Very nice flavor from the seasonings, reminiscent of good European ham.  Everyone seems to enjoy it, and my mother loved it.  She has no love for smoky food and liked that it was unsmoked.  Next batch gets smoked though.  I’ll also use different salt and I’ll try and use a bit less (and weigh it!!).  I might use thyme instead of Herbes de Provence, but frankly I loved the flavor so that might not change.

    I hang my head in shame that I did not procure a pasture-fed, organic, heritage breed pork belly.  One day the finances will stretch that far, but this is not that day.  I just went to Brine’s and dug around in the freezer case.

    Baconing away,